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HOLIDAY NIGHTMARE A 66-year-old woman discovered that her jewelry had been stolen when she returned from a summer vacation to her West 71st Street apartment. The woman was away from her home visiting family from May to November, a time period in which she said numerous people had access to the upstairs level of her apartment, where she kept valuables in a metal trunk. The trunk had no visible damage when she returned, but numerous items of high value, including a $19,000 bracelet and a $9,500 antique bangle, were missing. VIOLENT BOYFRIEND A domestic dispute left a young woman bleeding and bitten last Friday. The 23-year-old victim reported that she was hanging out with friends in her West 65th Street apartment in the evening, then got into a fight with her 21-year-old boyfriend. During the dispute, the boyfriend kicked open a door, grabbed the woman by her hair and bit her on the neck. The woman retreated to the bathroom, but the boyfriend forced his way in and used a shard from a candle holder that he broke to slash her right hand. The woman went to the police after the incident, and the boyfriend was arrested for assault. FORGOTTEN ELECTRONICS A man lost numerous electronic devices in an elevator on Friday. The 56-year-old was riding up to his apartment on West 72nd Street around 5 p.m. and accidentally left a bag behind. Inside the bag was a Macbook, an iPad, two cameras and binoculars, which combined with other items and the bag itself were worth almost $3,500. The man used Apple's GPS tracking feature to pinpoint the location of his property at another building down his street, whose doorman revealed that only one resident lived there. Police spoke with the resident, who claims to know nothing about the incident. NEWSSTAND BREAK-IN A news vendor returned to his stand on Broadway early in the morning of Monday, Nov. 19, and found that he had been robbed. An unknown perp managed to remove a lock on the front gate and enter the stand. Inside, the crook swiped $6,380 in cash and $2,400 worth of cigarette cartons. The vendor, a Queens resident, reported the robbery to the police, but a suspect has yet to be identified. KNIFE-POINT ROBBERY A man was robbed while leaving the subway early in the morning on Tuesday, Nov. 20. The 38-year-old was passing through a turnstile at 72nd Street Station around 5:30 a.m. when a thief grabbed him and threw him against the wall. A second thief appeared with a knife, and the first said, "I should kill you." The thieves removed the man's property and forced him to remove his sneakers, which they did not steal, then fled the scene. The man reported the crime to police after he left the station. The two thieves remain at large. JACKET HEIST An unknown number of thieves stole jackets from a clothing store on Broadway by smashing one of its windows. The burglary occurred around midnight on Monday, Nov. 19, when the crook(s) used a brick to shatter the store's side window, then reached into the store and grabbed three Geox down jackets worth $315 each. Cameras were on the scene, but police have yet to identify the criminal(s).

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