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WALLET STOLEN AT LEXINGTON AVE. EATERY A 27-year-old woman left her bag in the staff area of a restaurant on Lexington Avenue on Sunday, Jan. 13. When she came back to retrieve it, her wallet, including credit cards and cash, was gone. Several restaurant employees said they saw a suspicious male in the area of the woman's purse during the timeframe in question. The woman, who lives at East 77th Street, reported the incident soon afterward, but no arrests were made. TAXI TROUBLE On Sunday, Jan. 13, a taxi driver from Brooklyn picked up a passenger at West 48th Street, who requested to be taken to East 77th Street. Upon arrival, the passenger paid and then proceeded to punch the driver in the nose, causing lacerations and bruising. The unknown perp, described as a black male wearing a white baseball cap and a yellow jacket, then ran off in an unknown direction. The victim was taken to the hospital and released. Police are still on the lookout for the perp. CROCODILE-SKIN WALLET SNAPPED UP AT GYM A 26-year-old woman who lives at East 61st Street was at a gym on Lexington Avenue. She left her wallet on a bench, and went to brush her hair. When she returned, the $180 crocodile-skin wallet was gone, as well as her debit card, social security card and several credit cards. No arrests have been made, and the victim canceled her credit cards before they could be used. ASSAULT AT PIZZERIA On a recent Wednesday night, a 49-year-old woman from Brooklyn was eating pizza at a pizzeria on First Avenue. A highly intoxicated man became unruly and punched her without provocation with a closed fist, then ran away. The victim suffered a small cut on her nose. A description of the perp is not available at this time, and no arrests have yet been made. CREDIT CARD THIEVES GO ON SHOPPING SPREE A 31-year-old woman, a resident of East 84th Street, was eating inside a bakery on Third Avenue on Jan. 9, and left her purse on the floor. Unbeknownst to her, someone removed credit cards from her purse. The thief made more than $1,600 worth of purchases at a trendy clothing store, then spent $50 at a convenience store. The perp has not been caught yet, and so far the money and credit cards have not been recovered. The woman has since cancelled her credit cards. MOVIE THEATER NABBING At a movie theater on East 86th Street, a 27-year-old woman, who lives on West End Ave., left her seat to go to the bathroom. When she returned, her purse was gone. Shortly thereafter, $117 was charged on her credit card. The woman's passport was also in the bag. None of the stolen items-a $570 designer bag, a $500 smart phone, a $400 wallet, as well as cash and identification-has been recovered. The case is still open.

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