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WIFE STABS HUSBAND AFTER HIS NIGHT OUT After an early evening out drinking with friends on Friday, Jan. 18, a 37-year-old man returned home to his apartment on West 68th Street. His wife, 36, greeted him by attacking him with a knife. The victim sustained wounds to his chest and cheek. The woman was arrested for assault. ELDERLY WOMAN DUPED IN PHONE SCAM On Friday, Jan, 18, an 86-year-old woman living at West 62nd Street received a phone call from a person claiming to be a relative. This person asked her to send $9,960 to a bank in California. The victim sent the money directly from her bank account. The phone call was found to be fraudulent. No arrests have been made as of yet, but the perpetrator, when caught, will be charged with grand larceny. DRY CLEANERS ON AMSTERDAM BROKEN INTO On Sunday, Jan. 20, a 40-year-old male employee and his friend arrived at a dry cleaning shop on Amsterdam Avenue. They discovered the glass entrance door had been shattered and the register containing $800 in cash had been removed. The break-in occurred sometime between Saturday night and Sunday morning. There were no security cameras at the crime scene, so an image of the perpetrator was not captured, and the case is still open. NOT PLAYING AROUND: PLAYSTATION STOLEN IN BURGLARY A 36-year-old man reported a break-in at his apartment on Columbus Avenue on the morning of Saturday, Jan. 18. The burglar reportedly entered the apartment building through the rear door and stole the victim's PlayStation, watch, wallet with credit cards, power drill and $300 in cash. The thief then fled through the rear door, and although a search was conducted, the perpetrator was not found. One of the victim's credit cards was used once, but it has since been canceled. The case is open, and police are working with video surveillance from the scene. SECRETARY ALLEGEDLY STEALS FROM FORMER BOSS A 70-year-old woman reported that her former secretary had been taking money orders from her apartment at West 72nd Street. In total, five money orders, amounting to $5,000, have allegedly been stolen and cashed. The money has not been recovered. Police are on the lookout for the former secretary, who is described as a 20-year-old black woman with long straight hair. TEACHER'S WALLET STOLEN A 26-year-old female teacher at a high school on Amsterdam Avenue put her wallet on a desk in her classroom on Jan. 14. She left for three hours, and when she returned, the wallet was missing. In total, three credit cards and some gift cards were stolen, along with the Louis Vuitton wallet worth $450. No arrests have been made yet, but the perp is likely to be arrested for grand larceny.

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