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FIGHTING BACK AGAINST PHONE THIEF On Tuesday, Jan. 29, a 20-year-old man was walking along West End Avenue late at night with a friend. He told police that a man snatched his phone and fled on foot toward 84th Street. The victim and his friend chased the thief and held him down until police arrived at the scene. The iPhone was recovered at the vicinity of West 84th Street. The 41-year-old perpetrator was arrested at the scene, and is likely to be charged with grand larceny. THOUSANDS OF DOLLARSSTOLEN FROM WOMAN'SBANK ACCOUNT A 37-year-old woman went to use her bank account online last Monday from inside her apartment on Broadway, when she discovered that her account had been frozen. After contacting her bank, she was informed that an unknown perpetrator went into her bank with fake identification and was able to withdraw $4,500. A second attempt to withdraw more money was denied by the bank. In addition, the unknown person opened up a credit card account in her name. No arrests have yet been made. A BITING THEFT CASE A 27-year-old woman went to her place of work at a dentist's office on Broadway on Jan. 25, and reported there was missing dental equipment, totaling over $22,000 in value. She said the theft had occurred sometime between Jan. 15 and 25. The unknown perpetrator stole eight dental headpieces and four intra-oral cameras. Police do not yet have a lead, but if arrested the charge will be grand larceny. PUNCHED IN THE NOSE FOR IPHONE On Tuesday, Jan. 24, a 21-year-old man said he was entering the 79th Street subway when an unknown man started following him. The man said, "Give me your phone," and then struck his victim in the nose. The assailant snatched the phone and fled. The victim was then taken to the hospital. He did not have a tracking app installed, so the phone was not recovered. The surrounding locations do, however, have street cameras. Police are on the lookout for a Hispanic man around 20 years old and six feet tall, wearing a black sweatshirt and a black doo-rag. WOMAN HIT UP FOR $1,300 ON 85TH STREET On Friday, Jan. 25, a 37-year-old woman was walking down West 85th Street when she was approached by an unknown man wearing a mask. The man, while keeping his hand in his pocket, asked, "Am I on 85th Street?" When the woman answered, he said, "Give me all your money; don't be stupid." The victim says she gave him $1,300. The assailant then instructed her to walk toward Columbus Avenue and not look back. She complied. Police are on the lookout for a black man wearing a black coat, approximately 5'10" and 35 years old, wearing a dark mask at the time of the robbery. THIEF BUYS $4,000 WORTH OF AUTO GOODS WITH FORGED CREDIT CARD A 32-year-old male reported that when he was in his apartment at West 73rd Street on Jan. 23, he discovered that an unknown person used his checking account information to purchase almost $4,000 of auto parts from a local shop. The incident occurred sometime in mid-December. The victim was in possession of his debit card at the time of the theft, so the credit cards were forged. No arrests have yet been made.

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