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Credit Card Identity Theft On Feb. 1, a 23-year-old man was observed using a credit card that was not his at a high-end clothing store on Madison Avenue. The man had spent $4,545 on clothes. He had apparently obtained his victim's personal information and used a counterfeit card. Police also determined that the man had several stolen credit cards in his possession. He was arrested for stolen property. The 20-year-old female victim, who lives in Massachusetts, canceled her credit cards. Hamburger Heist A 29-year-old woman from Brooklyn was at a hamburger joint on 86th Street on Feb. 1. A man offered to assist with her food. She didn't feel any bumping or jostling. Upon receiving her food, she proceeded to walk out. Later she noticed her wallet was missing, and $522 in charges had appeared on her Amex account. No arrests have yet been made, but the perpetrator , if caught, will likely be charged with grand larceny. Woman's Wallet Stolen on Bus On Feb.1, in the afternoon, a 29-year-old woman who lives on West 74th Street said that she was on a bus. She felt the usual rush-hour bumps, and afterward noticed her wallet was missing. Checking her credit card account, she found unauthorized purchases totaling $2,336. All in all, a debit card, two credit cards and a wallet worth $180 were stolen. A Fragrant Theft A 23-year-old man from Queens was at his gym on Park Avenue on Feb. 1, when a perpetrator was observed trying to use a credit card belong to the gymgoer. He was found to also be in possession of other stolen credit cards. The victim had been of possession of his cards when he entered the gym, and also had other items stolen from him, including some cologne. No arrests have yet been made. Bar Fight A 43-year-old man visiting from Delaware said that he got into an altercation with a man in front of a bar on Second Avenue at 2 a.m. on Feb. 1. The man had been drinking at the bar when a younger man also drinking at the bar bumped into him. After a verbal exchange, the younger man challenged his victim to a fight outside. Once they went outside, the perpetrator punched his victim in the face, causing pain and swelling. The victim left the scene via a cab. His assailant is wanted for assault. Shoplifting Incident at High-End Clothing Store Inside a high-end clothing store on East 65th Street on Jan. 31, at 5:50 p.m., a 38-year-old man said four unknown men walked into the store while an employee was helping other customers. The four men removed items from the shelves, went into the dressing room and stuffed the items into their backpacks. The perpetrators exited with the items, but surveillance footage is available. The four men are wanted for grand larceny. In total, $1,500 worth of clothes as stolen.

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