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Shoplifters Hit Luxury Boutique

A 25-year-old male employee at a clothing store on Madison Avenue reported on February 15th that one month prior, three women worked together to remove a $3,000 handbag from the upscale clothing store and a $1,300 scarf from the other store across the street. The case remains open despite the time that has passed and a lack of evidence. Surveillance is available. Police are on the lookout for three white women, around age 30. The first woman, who actually took the items, is 5'4" with straight, black hair. The first accomplice is 5'4" with long, black hair, and the second accomplice has long, brown hair.

Woman Attacked Taking out trash

A 64-year-old woman was taking out her garbage in the hallway of her apartment at East 61st Street on the morning of February 19th. She was dropping her trash down the incinerator when an unknown male came up from behind. When she turned around, the man punched her in the face. The man was wearing all black and was approximately 6'2" and 225 pounds. No arrests have yet been made.

Jewelry Store Thief Nabs $30,000 haul

In a Lexington Avenue jewelry store on February 14th, a 62-year-old female employee said that she removed items of jewelry from a locked case to show a customer and then turned to assist another customer. The employee suspects that a black female approximately 50 years old and 5'1" took the items, after entering the store behind another customer. The stolen merchandise includes an amethyst ring, a sapphire bracelet, a shark skin bracelet, and several gold and diamond bracelets, totaling $30,000. No arrests have yet been made.

Man Assaulted By Strangers

A 48-year-old man was standing on the corner of East 94th Street in the late afternoon on February 15th when two males and two females jumped him. One man punched him in the face, causing lacerations, and also waved a knife at him. Another man waved a box cutter at him. The two women spat on him and kicked him. The assailants, all around age 20, fled the scene. Police are on the lookout for a 6'0" man with an afro, a 5'8" man, a 5'4" woman and a woman with a gap between her front teeth.

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