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Stealing Time

A woman's apartment was robbed while she was away for just over a week. At 1:30 PM on Thursday, August 29, a 25-year-old woman left her apartment on West 70th Street to spend some time away. When she returned on September 7 at 11:50 AM, she found items missing from her apartment. She first had a problem entering the apartment, as the key did not work properly in the front door lock. There was damage to the lock, but the door was still locked. No cameras captured the robbery. Items stolen included Sony 19-inch and 27-inch TVs valued at $500, an iPad worth $800, and a David Yurman ring priced at $500. The total haul was $1,800.

Dirty Dishwasher

A restaurant was robbed, and a former employee may have been an accomplice. At 9:45 PM on Sunday, September 8, an unknown man used a key to open the security gate of a restaurant on West 83rd Street. The man's entrance was captured on video surveillance, but video of the man opening the cash register inside was unclear. The wife of the restaurant's owner said she recognized and could clearly identify a second man seen on the video standing outside the restaurant during the robbery as a former dishwasher. The thieves took $400 in cash.

Clearing the Table

A man shoplifted items from a chain clothing store on Broadway. At 7:53 PM on Tuesday, September 3, an unknown man entered the store and removed items from a table close to the entrance, and then fled in a vehicle. Video recorded the incident. Merchandise taken was three sweaters valued at $2,000 and 36 other items of apparel priced at $2,142. The total haul amounted to $4,142.

Coffee Shop Attack

A man was punched in the abdomen and his wallet stolen. At 8:20 AM on Wednesday, September 4, a 21-year-old man from the Bronx was standing outside a chain coffee store at Broadway and West 60th Street waiting for his girlfriend, when two unknown men came from behind him and started punching him in his abdomen. One of the men took his wallet, and then both fled the scene. The victim suffered lacerations to the right side of his abdomen. Items stolen were a black leather wallet valued at $5, $20 in cash, plus a Metro Card valued at $3.

Purloined Pavilions

Someone stole laptops from a business on West 81st Street. At 4 AM on Thursday, September 5, unknown persons entered a commercial establishment and removed property without permission. Camera surveillance was available. The items stolen were three HP Pavilion laptops valued at $1,800 total.

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