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Sisters from Queens

Robbed on King

A large purse was stolen from a woman's car on King Street. At 8:45 PM on Saturday, September 14, a 23-year-old woman from Queens parked her car on King Street and got out with her 21-year-old sister. When they returned about an hour later, they noticed that the front passenger-side window was smashed and the sister's large purse was missing from under the seat. The sister canceled her credit card but found that the card had already been used in a subway machine to buy two 30-day Metro Cards, each valued at $112. Items stolen included a dental retainer valued at $1,500, $800 in cash, a pair of Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses worth $350, makeup valued at $300, an iPod Touch priced at $300, a black Longchamp purse worth $200, a black Tory Burch wallet valued at $200, gift cards worth $200, a makeup purse costing $200, plus a Visa Card, school and apartment identification cards, and a New York State driver's license. The total stolen amounted to $4,050.

Holding On

A woman thwarted a thief who tried to take her pocketbook on the subway. At 11 AM on Tuesday, September 10, a 46-year-old woman entered the subway at Broad Street and waited on the platform for the northbound J train. When the train arrived, she got on, and a 20-year-old man got on the same car. They were the only two in the car. When the train left the station, the man approached her where she was seated, and pretended to look at the subway map on the wall. Then he attempted to take her pocketbook. She struggled with him, trying to hold onto her bag, and screamed for help. The man fled, leaving the train empty-handed at the next stop, Fulton Street.

Bike Nabbing

A man's bicycle and bag were stolen. At 8 PM on Tuesday, September 10, a 39-year-old man was looking after his daughter at the corner of the park on South Street and Wall Street, when a man took his bicycle and bike bag. The bike had not been locked up or chained. The thief fled northbound on South Street. Items stolen included a Rolex watch valued at $6,500, a black Trek Superfly bike worth $3,000, a MacBook Pro priced at $2,000, an iPod Touch worth $150, a black-and-silver CamelBak bike bag costing $150, a black Kryptonite bike lock valued at $200, red-and-silver ASICS running sneakers worth $200, and a blue Seagate external hard drive valued at $100. The total taken amounted to $12,300.

Fuji Felony

Another man's bicycle was swiped from a parking lot. At 9 AM on Saturday, September 14, a 30-year-old man parked his bicycle inside the fence of the parking lot at the northeast corner of John Street and Front Street and locked his bike to the gate. When he returned at 2 PM, the bike and the lock were both gone. Video is available of the incident. The stolen ride was a Fuji SST 1.0 valued at $3,000.

Gelato Jacking

A man robbed a gelato store at knifepoint. At 6 PM on Friday, September 13, a man entered a gelato store on John Street, pulled out a knife, and said to the 20-year-old female employee behind the counter, "Open the register. I am a robber." He then walked around the counter while the employee opened the register, and took $300 cash before fleeing in an unknown direction on John Street. Police searched the area but couldn't find the thief. Before the robbery, the man had come into the store and told the employee that he had no cash and was going to get some.

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