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The NYPD strongly urges Apple iPhone users to download the new IOS7 operating system FREE. With IOS7 installed on your phone, your phone cannot be reprogrammed without an authorized Apple ID and password. This makes the phone useless to thieves. Visit for the FREE download.

Fake IRS

A man was scammed by a perpetrator posing as an IRS agent. At 9 30 AM on Thursday, September 5, a 42-year-old man living on East 73rd Street received a phone call from someone claiming to be an IRS agent. The caller informed the man that there were liens on his tax account in excess of $15,000. The caller said that the man had to pay this amount, or a warrant would be issued for his arrest. The man then made a wire transfer of nine money packs worth $500 each to the perpetrator. He next went to the IRS building and was informed that he had been scammed. The victim had made transfers to the phone number 530-567-2511. The exact location of the number is unknown, although 530 is a northern California area code.

Counterfeit Cop

An elderly woman was scammed by a perpetrator posing as an NYPD officer. At 8 AM on Friday, September 20, an 89-year-old woman living on Fifth Avenue got a phone call from a perpetrator representing himself as a New York City police officer, telling her that she was in possession of counterfeit cash and was inadvertently involved in a case involving stolen merchandise and ID theft, of which she herself may have been the victim. He then told the woman that to resolve the problem, she needed to withdraw money from her Capital One and Chase bank accounts so the police could find out if those banks were involved with counterfeit fraud. She complied with the request, and withdrew $10,000 from Capital One on September 20 and $20,000 from Chase Bank on September 23, giving the perpetrator cash in the belief that she was cooperating with the New York Police Department investigation.

Biting Bandit

A mugger bit a man's hand and stole his cell phone. At 3 AM on Sunday, September 22, a 40-year-old man was walking home on East 82nd Street from First Avenue to Second Avenue, when a man came up from behind and tried to grab the victim's phone out of his hand. The victim then wrestled with the thief, until the thug bit the victim's hand, causing a laceration. At this, the victim let go of the phone, and the thief ran off. Police searched the area but couldn't locate the biting bandit or the stolen phone. The phone taken was an iPhone 4S, valued at $200.

Early-Morning Robbery

A man's phone and wallet were stolen on East 92nd Street. At 4 AM on Friday, September 20, a 23-year-old man was approached in the subway at East 96 Street and Lexington Avenue by a 25-year-old bald man with tattoos on his arm. The 23-year-old refused to talk to the bald man. The younger man then walked down Lexington to 92nd Street, when the bald man walked up to him from behind and said, "Gimme your stuff. I have a gun!" and simulated a gun with his hand in his pocket. The victim gave the thief his cell phone and wallet. The robber then fled eastbound on 92nd Street towards Third Avenue. Items stolen were an iPhone 4 pcb, $80 in cash, and a credit card.

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