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Credit Collection

A man carrying stolen credit cards was arrested for grand larceny. At 7:42 PM on Friday, September 20, a 37-year-old man was attempting to withdraw cash from an ATM on Broadway using someone else's credit card. Police stopped him, and the man was found to be in possession of seven credit or debit cards belonging to seven different owners. As he was arrested and charged with grand larceny, the man stated several times that he was a federal agent or police officer.

Picked Up from Pickup

A man's camera bag was stolen from on top of his pickup truck on Beach Street. At 10 AM on Sunday, September 15, a 43-year-old man from West Orange, NJ placed a camera bag filled with camera equipment on the hardtop over-bed of his pickup truck on Beach Street. When he walked to the front of the truck and talked to his assistant, someone took the bag from the truck. The man did not see who had taken his bag, and there were no cameras in the area. The items stolen were a Canon 5D Mark II digital camera valued at $2,700, a Canon 24-70 mm lens worth $2,300, two Canon 580 EX flashes, each valued at $475, a Canon 85 mm lens worth $450, a Canon battery grip valued at $275, and a camera bag worth $200. The total taken was $6,875.

Sullivan Street Attack

Two men attacked and robbed a woman on Sullivan Street. At 4 AM on Saturday, September 21, a 24-year-old woman was returning to her home on Sullivan Street, when two men in their early 20s approached her from behind as she was entering her apartment building. One man covered her mouth and pushed her to the ground. The other man forcibly took her bag, and both fled northbound to a silver sedan parked on the East side of the street. Tracking on the cell phone had been disabled. The woman's debit card had been used at an Exxon Mobil station to buy $23.59 worth of gas. Other items stolen were a Louis Vuitton handbag valued at $1,800, a black iPhone 5 worth $600, and a Fendi wallet valued at $380. The total haul was $2,780.

Subway Assault

A gang of four assaulted and robbed a man in the Spring Street subway station. At 1:25 AM on Thursday, September 19, a 39-year-old man from Queens was sleeping on the southbound A train platform at Spring Street, when he was approached by a man who punched him in the face and took his backpack. Two accomplices -- a man and a woman -- held the victim's hands down while a fourth accomplice, a woman, sprayed him in the face with pepper spray. The man and the woman holding the victim's hands removed his wallet from his front pants pocket along with his cell phone. The perpetrators fled on the southbound A train. Police searched the area but could not find the gang of four. There were no cameras on the platform and no witnesses. The victim was treated at the scene by EMS. The items stolen were an iPad 2 valued at $700, Ultimate Ear headphones worth $300, Western Digital and LaCie hard drives priced at $200, $200 in cash, sunglasses worth $100, a backpack valued at $60, an HTC cell phone worth $35, and a black wallet costing $30. The total taken amounted to $1,625.

Jewelry Heist

Two men shoplifted items from a boutique on Sullivan Street. At 6:40 PM on Sunday, September 22, two men entered a boutique on Sullivan Street and pretended to be interested in purchasing merchandise. They then removed a number of items without permission or authorization from the store display, before exiting the store and walking northbound on Sullivan. Video surveillance of the incident is available. One of the thieves had a baseball cap with the word Vogue on it. Items stolen were a Wendy Nichol one-karat diamond ring valued at $6,000, a Wendy Nichol 14-karat gold pyramid ring costing $4,500, a Wendy Nichol 14-karat thin gold pyramid ring priced at $2,500, and a Wendy Nichol black leather shoulder bag valued at $1,000. The total amount of the items shoplifted came to $14,000.

Expensive Lunch

A woman's pocketbook was stolen from a soup store on Maiden Lane. At 1:41 PM on Wednesday, September 18, a 34-year-old woman was sitting in a fast-food soup store on Maiden Lane eating, with her pocketbook on the back of her chair. When she got up to leave, she noticed her bag was gone. There were no witnesses to the incident and no video. Items stolen were a beige Gucci bag valued at $1,000, a pink Michael Kors wallet priced at $500, a white iPhone 5 valued at $299, a white cosmetic makeup bag costing $100, a white iPhone case worth $100, a Florida State driver's license, various credit and debit cards, a Metro Card, and an insurance card. The total amount stolen came to $1,999.

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