Crime Watch: Five Tooth Discount

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Five Tooth Discount

A loss prevention officer, an undercover officer on the lookout for suspicious people, had her hand bitten when she confronted a pair of female shoplifters at a retail clothing store on Broadway. One of the shoplifters pushed the officer down, while the other clamped down on her hand. They then fled the store. While the pair wasn't caught, they left their stolen items behind including a dozen shirts, three pairs of pants, three matching body suits and a package of socks.

Amped Up

Six men tried to rob a display case full of energy drinks at a chain drug store on Whitehall St. When an employee attempted to stop them by snatching their bag of loot, they dragged him outside. The thieves had a total haul of several 5 Hour Energy drinks and two Red Bull four-packs.

Gone in 60 Seconds

On a recent evening, a 39-year-old woman went outside of a Vandam Street bar to talk with a friend. When she returned to the bar, she found that her $350 designer bag had been stolen. Her bag contained her Apple iPhone 3GS, and the keys to her Audi A4.

Light Lunch

A woman slung her purse behind her chair while eating lunch at restaurant on Broadway. As she got up to leave, the 29-year-old noticed her purse felt a bit lighter. It turns out, some nimble purse picker scooped up her wallet and made $900 in charges at a local Macy's.


An MTA L train operator was recently passing through a subway car when he spotted a man with a napkin pressed to his face. The train operator almost passed the man by until he noticed the napkin was seeping blood. When pressed for details, the dazed rider said that someone on Chambers St. had slashed his nose open with a boxcutter, though an arrest has yet to be made.

Last Supper

When staff recently arrived at their restaurant on King St. they were shocked to find that someone had stolen their tables. The eight outdoor tables, valued at $1,600, were chained to the restaurant. Even crooks, it seems, have dinner parties.

April Fools

A family of three was probably planning on taking their bikes back home, but a thief played a cruel April Fools' joke when he stole their wheels. Three bicycles were locked up in front of a building on South End Ave., but the thieves clipped the locks and stole a 21-speed men's Schwinn, a women's 21-speed mountain bike, a bicycle trailer, and a child's bike. The stolen items were valued at $1,020.

Time Out

A Rolex mysteriously vanished out of its display case at a boutique on Greene St. Employees say the watch started out its day under the glass and, at some point during business hours, disappeared. No one was seen near the expensive time-piece and store owners hope a serial number search will eventually turn up the $2,595 wrist piece.

-Compiled by Andrew Rice

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