Crime Watch: Restaurant Robbery

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Compiled By Amanda Woods Restaurant Robbery When two men in their early thirties walked in to a restaurant on East 77th Street on Friday at 8:15 p.m., a confrontation immediately broke out. The men walked down to the restaurant's basement, where a store employee was putting money in the safe. One of the men, who was holding a gun, called out, "Give me everything. Bag it up for me." The employee then put the money-$3,500 in cash-in a green nylon bag. The second man pointed his gun at the employee and a dishwasher, saying, "Don't be a hero. Stay on the floor." The robbers then walked up the restaurant's stairs, and one of the men snatched the employee's $500 iPhone on his way out. Deodorant Snatch A fortysomething man must have been in desperate need of deodorant on Monday, because he snatched $35 worth of it from the Duane Reade at 773 Lexington Avenue that evening. A store employee noticed the man, clad in a red polo shirt and khakis, wielding a pocket knife to guard the deodorants he had grabbed. The man ran out of the store, heading southbound on Lexington Avenue. Stolen on the Stoop A 46-year-old man was sitting on his East 89th Street stoop on Saturday at 7:20 p.m. when two men approached him, looking to grab the wad of cash he had in his possession. One of the men asked him for change, and then the two pushed him into the entrance of his building. The man told police that the culprits pressed something against his back, but he said that he did not see a gun. The men left with $40,000 of the man's cash in their possession, as well as his oxycodone medication. Breaking Glass When a group of culprits failed to force a metal plate through the lock of a dry cleaner's front door on East 78th Street on Thursday at 10 p.m., they broke the establishment's glass window. They then snatched $50 from the store's register and left. The door also sustained damage.

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