Crushin' On Rummy

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So Todd Gutnick of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), and loyal reader of our brand new blog, has written to correct our impression that the League isn’t a huge fan of Donald Rumsfeld. In a previous post describing Joy Behar’s recent comparison of the politician and Adolf Hitler, we apparently misconstrued the sentiment behind a letter the ADL released in response to the comment.

In fact, the ADL’s exact words were, “Whatever your [Joy Behar] views on Donald Rumsfeld, the comparison to Hitler was inappropriate and offensive.” The ADL’s intent, apparently, was to defend the ears of Jews everywhere who would’ve been offended by the nasty comment, not to defend Donald Rumsfeld. Point taken. But now that we think about it, Rummy’s leathery jowls do have a certain Marlboro Man appeal in the right light. Oh to have gazed into those baby blues back when he was really a hottie (see picture).

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