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by alice robb

a pair of auto accidents on the same block injured two pedestrians, and has called attention to the dangers of one busy intersection.

a man was struck by a taxi june 14 on west 70th and amsterdam avenue; about three hours later, another pedestrian was injured in a car crash on west 71st and amsterdam avenue, reported the westside independent, an upper west side news website.

the events were reminiscent of another accident aug. 18, 2009, when a taxi heading up amsterdam crashed into the south side of the west 72nd street subway station, injuring three people.

after the august accident, west side assembly member linda rosenthal wrote to the department of transportation, saying the incident "provided a chilling reminder of persistently dangerous traffic conditions in that area."

the department should "examine current traffic condition? and devise solutions whether they be signage, speed bumps or new regulations," rosenthal wrote in a letter.

the department has since drafted a plan to address traffic issues in this area after rosenthal and margaret forgione, manhattan borough commissioner for the department, conducted a joint inspection of the site april 30. the department, however, has not yet released it. improvements are expected to be implemented by winter 2011, but rosenthal has asked the city to expedite the safety measures.

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