Dear Editor,

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Dear Editor,

As a life-long resident of the East Village for the last 54 years, I applaud the efforts of the Tompkins Square Park Concervancy to renovate. I believe the historic aesthetic and infrastructure construction is crucial to bringing the park to a 21st century level of integrity. Its improvements will pay long overdue respect to the community as a whole, from those who enjoy the peaceful retreat of its natural existence, to the growth of the neighborhood's value as a destination for people to come to live from all over the world.

As both the park and its surrounding neighborhood suffered from crippling dis-investment during the decades of the 1950s, 60s and 70s,

it's only fair that the park should be the nucleus of the neighborhood's attraction as well as an interest of re-investment in the neighborhood.

As I reflect on my own experience of when my mother brought me to play in the sandbox, I look at the children who enjoy the park today

and it brings a warmth to my heart. Someday they will be able to bring their own children to the park, and benefit from the efforts of what we can do for them today.

I ask all of my East Village friends and neighbors to join in the valiant efforts of the Concervancy and rally behind the vision of re-building this historic park to become the shining jewel that it was always intended to be. I'm so excited about the prospect of the re-construction, that I can't only wait for the project to start, but can't wait for the day it's finished!

Joe Preston

E.11th St.

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