Defending Hannity

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to the editor:

i enjoyed ben krull's column, "dissecting my fox fix" (may 20), with modest amusement. but i have a beef with one sentence: "most of what i hear on hannity's show is lies and misrepresentations, double-talk and hyperbole."

i can describe that wordage in two words: bovine residue.

look, i'm a regular viewer of hannity's tv show and yes, he leans to the right-nothing wrong with that. but he always has liberals on the program to express their views. a little bird tells me that mr. krull is sorry he let that "garbage" slip into his column. i would expect folderol from a 14-year-old high school sophomore, but not from a seasoned and respected essayist as mr. krull.

so i ask readers who have not turned on sean hannity at 9 p.m. on the fox news channel to watch his show for as little as two or three evenings. i doubt very much that you will agree with mr. krull's twaddle, but i could be wrong. you decide.

joe morrone

east 75th street

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