Dentist Wants to Wash Author's Mouth Out With Soap

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Ahh, free speech. It just causes so much entertaining drama! The Daily News reports that [a Manhattan dentist to the stars has sued a best-selling dating-book author for $5 million]. Whatever for, you ask? Well, he said that she said he sucks (or something to that effect) on and Dr. Larry Rosenthal says Ellen Fein tried to extort $100,000 from him for allegedly ruining her teeth a decade ago. And then there was the incident when she allegedly burst into his East Side office, called him a liar and accused him of sleeping with a friend’s daughter. Wow, now that’s the kind of specific stuff you’d have to be pretty creative to make up (and I don't mean dating guru creative). Rosenthal claims he settled the malpractice claim nine years ago and now wants Fein to stop her online slandering of him. The Daily News has a nice quote from Rosenthal’s lawyer, David Jaroslawicz, about Fein: “She says … her teeth aren't as beautiful as they were when she was 6 years old.” Hmmm, well for starters, those were your baby teeth. So I’m guessing a lot of things aren’t as pretty as they were less than 10 years out of the womb. (

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