DeVotchKa, Such A Lovely Thing

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2006 was a big year for Denver-based band DeVotchKa. A pair of first time directors asked them to score their little indie film, which ended up being the smash hit Little Miss Sunshine. The film was very successful with both fans and critics loving it, and the beautiful soundtrack would go on to be nominated for both an Academy Award and a Grammy. And this is only the beginning.

DeVotchKa was in town for a pair of dates at the famous Spiegeltent on Pier 17. On Wednesday (the second of the two nights), fans waited patiently on line outside of the odd venue for over an hour, with the concert starting much later than the scheduled 11pm. Once fans entered the tent, surrounding the stage on all sides, the 4-piece launched into a near two hours of musical perfection. With the sound coming through perfectly clean, and an additional string section for much of their set, the band’s blend of Eastern European, mariachi, punk, and folk was brought to higher levels, sounding truly epic. Singer Nick Urata’s voice was as powerful as any in music, especially on masterpieces like “How It Ends,” and “We’re Leaving.” Late in the set, while the band played, an acrobatic dancer, most likely from an earlier [Spiegeltent] performance, danced upon long flowing curtains hanging from the ceiling above the center of the audience. The venue’s uniqueness, great sound and sense of intimacy, along with DeVotchKa’s outstanding performance, made it a night to remember.

With DeVotchKa working hard on their next record, they could soon be one of the biggest bands alive, and they will be, if life is at all fair

Photo courtesy of [Jonny-Leather]

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