Diaz To Bloomberg: Fire Your Education Team

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Bronx State Senator Rev. Ruben Diaz, who also serves as the president of the influential New York City Hispanic Clergy Organization, is demanding that Mayor Mike Bloomberg call for the resignation of both his handpicked Schools Chancellor Joel Klein and his Deputy Mayor for Education Dennis Walcott.

Rev. Diaz was an initial supporter of Bloomberg's push for mayoral control of the schools while he served in the City Council in 2001. Now, Rev. Diaz is calling Bloomberg's team an abject failure when it comes to school management, and is demanding that both Klein and Walcott's heads roll for it.

"Deputy Mayor Dennis Walcott and Chancellor Joel Klein were chosen by you  to  help  you  achieve  your goal to be “The Education Mayor”.  They are supposed  to  advise  you  and clean the mess; instead, it is sad to see that  the  Department  of  Education  you created in place of the School Board  is  a  mess.  You created School Districts to fix the problem and that  was  a  mess that now you are dismantling to create something new. You  created  the  idea of smaller children sharing the same school with teenage   students.    Big   mistake.    You  are  building  schools  in contaminated  soil  filled  with  chemicals  only  in Black and Hispanic areas.  Another big mistake.  You are killing our children!!

" writes Rev. Diaz.

Towards the end of the letter, Rev. Diaz states that Bloomberg will tarnish his legacy on education if he continues to listen to to Walcott and Klein. "In order to protect our children’s education, stop parents’ anguish, fix  the  chaos  in  the  system, and for you to avoid further embarrassment, Dennis  Walcott  and  Chancellor Klein should resign or your should fire them," he writes.

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