Dog Deaths = Human Lives?

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OK, I think I might've solved the mystery invasion of good-deed-doing New Yorkers. If people are being kinder to their fellow man, how do they vent all their pent-up hostility and contempt? On [manís best friend ](that is, his best friend before man became manís best friend). Yep, instead of snarling at other humans, it seems [dogs are the new punching bag]( Hereís the third incident in less than three weeks: A Brooklyn man totally lost it Tuesday when cops arrested him for [starving one pooch to death and leaving eight others to die]( in his backyard. Matthew Woods, 22, is said to have punched and kicked cops and he even broke a window at the ASPCA's East 92 Street office when he was brought there for questioning regarding his no-good doggy deeds. It seems Woods and his girlfriend, Latoya Katon, 20, allowed their 3-year-old pit bull to die of starvation and dehydration outside their Bedford-Stuyvesant home, and failed to care for another canine and her seven puppies. Hopefully, doggy heaven is an all-you-can-eat buffet. On the one hand, thatís just awful. Just awful. But on the otheróand not to be uncaringóthink of what Woods mightíve done to an innocent Homo sapien.

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