Domino Sugar Factory Saved, Theoretically

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The Domino Sugar Refinery in Williamsburg [received landmark status ]yesterday. But lucky for the site's owner, Community Preservation Corporation Resources, the new status won’t affect the [$1.3 billion]( worth of development planned for the 11.2 acres, which includes a 40-foot-wide public waterfront esplanade stretching from South Fifth Street to Grand Ferry Park, a new water taxi pier, 120,000 square-feet of retail space and several new apartment towers with a total of 2,200 housing units – of which 30 percent would be designated for below-market rental rates. So what will be preserved? Why the exterior, of course, which will likely [increase that already hefty price tag](

The City Planning Commission and City Council [must give approval] before Community Preservation Corporation Resources can move forward with development. Still, it doesn’t look like that Domino Sugar Art Museum will be built any time soon. Sorry hipsters: garish monstrosity, one; [Tate Modern redux](, zero.

Photo courtesy of [nautical2k on Flickr]

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