Down to ZERO: Students, Activists Renew Rally Cries

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May sees Renewed Activism with "May Day" and "Occupy Student Debt" May has seen a renewed vigor for certain activist movements, namely "Occupy Student Debt" and, on May 1, "May Day." For it's part, the Occupy Student Debt movement renewed its protest efforts as collective student debts broke the $1 Trillion threshold, with rallies planned for May 2 "at Union Square in Manhattan, and several colleges and universities around the country," according to New York Times. However, thus far, theprotestersthat comprise Occupy Student Debt have been unsuccessful in achieving their goals, which include government regulation of private interest rates from existing loans offered from private lenders. Similarly, May Day 2012 was an attempt by the self-proclaimed 99% (including many OWS Protestors) to "remove themselves" economically.Protesterswere encouraged to skip out on work, shopping and spending in a globally coordinated attempt to "?collectively change working conditions in our world?" by "stepping out of the systems of production that confine and divide us," according to ( events circle back to the lingering disconnect that many New Yorkers ? including students, immigrants and parents ? have felt since the rise of the Occupy Wall Street movement (which began in Zuccotti Park on Sept. 17, 2011). Since then, those sympathetic with the movement have referred to themselves as "the 99%," a perceived mark of disconnect from financial institutions, corporations, as well as other wealthy establishments and individuals. ( ( (

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