Downtown Social: Commuters, Tourists Stop to Get Fresh Produce in Battery Park City

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Text by Adel Manoukian Photos by Jonathan Springer For most, the Staten Island Ferry is part of the daily commute (for those who live on the borough) or a much-needed respite from a busy Manhattan-based vacation (for the visitor). Now, the Staten Island Ferry's terminal is also the site of a much-praised outdoor farmer's market. The Staten Island Ferry Whitehall Terminal Greenmarket in Lower Manhattan, open Tuesday through Friday, 8 a.m.-7 p.m., offers a bevy of farm-made goods, from Wilklow Orchards' ciders and pies to Remsburger Maple Farm's maple syrup and honey. "This isn't one of our busiest markets, but it's good enough for us to keep coming back," said Mike Hyler, a 29-year-old worker for Wilklow Orchards. "There is a really good mix of tourists throughout the day and mainly commuters in the evening." We spent a recent afternoon sussing out the Greenmarket crowd. "I absolutely love this market. I stop here a lot as I go to my ferry because the apples are delicious, so fresh, and it is just in the perfect location. Nobody should miss it." Denise Martin-Cook, 58, health account representative, New York. ("I get my apple cider here two times a week. I love this place. The cideris really good. It's healthy and convenient-I never have to go out of myway for a good jug of this stuff." Ken Lawrence, 43, banker, New York. ("I was just about to take advantage of the free ferry and I saw this random market set up. I'm hoping it gets Americans to eat healthier. It looks nice." Mary Webbs, 53, housewife, Sydney, Australia. ("I'm here on vacation-I was about to take the ferry, and then I recognized this farmer's market right away. They have loads of them back in Australia set up on the side of roads. I mean it pretty much looks the same, but ours are much bigger. This location looks good because tourists stop here all thetime, and most of them know of these kinds of markets from where ever they're from. Also, who wouldn't want to eat fresh fruit on a boat?" Dean Nadzielski, 24, Advertising, Australia.

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