E. Coli Corrupts July 4th Barbecue Plans

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Mother nature keeps throwing us curve balls this summer, with a rampant salmonella outbreak through June, contracted from contaminated tomatoes, taking the wind out of everyone's lunch salads. This month, at the most inopportune time possible, E. Coli has been found in the all-American necessity, beef Just when you thought it was time to put your feet up and lick your chops for your 4th of July barbecues. Memories of the deflated culinary world post-Mad Cow disease come to mind.

530 pounds of beef have been pulled after a warning from the Agriculture Department that Nebraska Beef Ltd. of Omaha's products may be carrying the disease. The beef is sold by the Kroger company and have sell by dates of May 21 to July 5, according to the [New York Times].

Some contaminated products already have already been distributed to New York, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. Before you throw that slab of pink goodness onto the grill, check the dates.

Symptoms of E. Coli include stomach cramps and diarrhea.

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