East Side Author Envisions Rise of Female President

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Miles David is by no means an ordinary writer. A resident of the Upper East Side, David has recently completed Saving the President, a novel about Margaret Massey, a fictional U.S. president who takes the reins of the country during a period that oddly parallels the current Obama administration. Massey faces some issues that are ripped straight from the headlines, such as a worsening economic crisis, along with other crises that are pulled from alternate reality, such as China drilling for oil off the coast of Florida and trying to construct a military base in Cuba.

"She has the drive and sharp tongue of a Sarah Palin but she has acquired some presidential gravitas," David said.

David began his writing career after serving with the U.S. Army combat engineers in Europe during World War II. His time in the service gave him an intimate knowledge of the military that he has used in his book. After spending some time on the battlefront, David began writing for Stars and Stripes, which prepared him for his life in the private sector.

"In civilian life, I was a magazine editor, then president of radio's marketing arm, the Radio Advertising Bureau," said David. "After a long time running RAB, it was said that I and my team had "saved" radio so that it survived and prospered despite the growth of TV, which many had thought would kill radio."

After many years of working in advertising, David retired to write books, using his life experience and keen observation of current events to place Massey in a binding political position that easily rivals Obama's current problems.

"When Margaret Massey is elected, dictators think she will let them get away with things no man as president would tolerate," David said.

David said he found great joy in writing an alternative reality story, especially since this story involved him predicting future events that rival situations that the current president deals with.

"I'm fortunate that I anticipated trends in politics before they happened, so the story is timely and fresh," David said. "I anticipated that Putin, from Russia, would be getting desperate with his declining popularity in Russia; that's why I have Putin in my book renting a Russian submarine to Somali pirates who capture an American cruise ship and hold it for a billion-dollar ransom."

Saving the President can be purchased on Amazon.com.

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