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Greenhorn Burglar

A greenhorn burglar spent the better part of Wednesday, Feb. 15, attempting to figure out the complexities of using a crowbar to break into several apartments in the same building on 85th Street. The would-be crook was finally able to gain entrance into one of the apartments, but the elation of this achievement was short-lived. The perpetrator's day went from bad to worse when he slinked into the apartment and was caught red-handed by the owner who, after a scuffle, proceeded to call the police. The man was arrested and is being charged with attempted burglary and armed robbery.

Cab Ride from Hell

Driving a cab may give you a lot of time to learn how to navigate the mean streets of Manhattan, but it does not prepare you for when those mean streets strike back! In the early morning hours of Saturday, Feb. 25, a cab driver picked up a man and drove him to the corner of East 79th Street and Second Avenue. When the cabbie turned to collect his fee, he was the one who ended up paying. The perpetrator did not have the cash to pay and, while trying to escape the cab, he attacked the driver with kicks, punches and elbows and even had time to nab $35. Luckily for the cabbie, the police were close by and were able to apprehend the wayward traveler.

Wallet Workout

Although iPhones and iPads have become staple items in pockets or backpacks, some thieves keep it old-school, aiming their gaze at wallets and the oh-so-valuable credit cards. On Monday, Feb. 27, while two unfortunate fitness buffs at a NY Sports Club on Park Avenue were building up their bods, a thief was boosting up his income. The two gymgoers were victim to having their lockers and backpacks pilfered of their wallets, money, bank and debit cards and various forms of identification.

Welcome to America

Coming to America from another country is a daunting task in itself, but the task is much more complicated when one does not speak the language and the local hoodlums are demanding your cash. A little after midnight on Tuesday, Feb. 28, an immigrant man was a victim of language barriers and assault and robbery. Four men approached the victim on Lexington Avenue between East 72nd and 73rd streets and proceeded to take the money and run, but not before roughing up the victim due to his inability to understand that he was being mugged. The attackers were described as younger black men and are still on the loose.

East 90s Bike Bandit

While Mayor Michael Bloomberg and a bunch of bike aficionados express their love for the bike lanes of NYC, a cycling Dick Dastardly-like menace has found his niche in the criminal world by stealing and speeding in the green lane. This crook has a pair of nimble hands that he utilizes to steer his bike past unsuspecting pedestrians and pull a snatch and grab of their cell phones or other electronic devices. He has been patrolling the mean streets of the East 90s by First and Second avenues on the Upper East Side since early January, racking up a rap sheet of over five thefts. He still remains at large. He usually strikes in the late afternoons, with his most recent theft taking place on Monday, Feb. 28 at 4 p.m. Because of the nature of the crime, the victims' only glance of the shystie rider has been of his back as he pedals furiously down the road. The perpetrator is described as a black man who rides a messenger's bike with a basket and bright orange laces.

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