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The UFO crowd reminds me of an encounter I had with some New Jersey state troopers back in the early 70s. I'd hitchhiked up to the Watkins Glen festival with my buddy Terry to see the Dead, the Band and the Allman Brothers. It was a very unsettling experience. An estimated 600,000 people showed up for this weekend event. It was late in the game for freakdom and drug culture, a time of nascent Woodstock nostalgia tinged with the fresh memory of Altamont, acid laced with speed in abundance. All three bands were at the top of their form. The Dead peaked there, and should have called it quits on the spot. I'd been following them for some number of years at that point, they were the first rock band I ever saw, but I never made the slightest effort to see them again after that, and stopped listening to them entirely once I heard the Ramones.