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A few observations before I leave the Big Bagel for the elected dictatorship of Tony Blair's Britain, and the unelected tyranny of the European Union farther south. Americans are basically spoiled. William Bennett says, "The nation we live in today is more violent and vulgar, coarse and cynical, rude and remorseless, deviant and depressed, than the one we once inhabited," and I agree with him, but boy, compared to the rest of the world, you never had it so good.

Over here, at least one has a chance to vote for those he or she thinks will do a better job for the average citizen, despite the fact that all politicians are dependent on corporation moolah and that of special interests. In Europe, legislation is enacted by an unelected commission, and ratified by an unelected council that holds its deliberations behind closed doors. European elected parliamentarians carry as much weight as conservatives do in Hollywood, and are more or less a front for an appearance of democracy. Although in America extremists do not often win at the ballot box, if they did they would immediately take their seats in the United States Congress. Not so in Europe, where the unelected fatcats of Brussels sanctioned Austria once Jorg Haider's Freedom Party had won 27 percent of the vote. Do you see New York being sanctioned if it elected Al Sharpton as congressman or senator, Sharpton being a far, far bigger extremist than a rather moderate Haider?

The fat unelected cats, needless to say, plan to create a United States of Europe, with themselves as arbiters as to who qualifies to rule. Namely themselves. It's as if the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia met behind closed doors, decided to appoint themselves rulers of the 13 states and then began to legislate nonstop about all matters political, ethical, medical, educational, taxational and judicial. The states would have no power whatsoever, and only Philadelphia would count. This is what the EU is trying to pull off in Europe as we speak, but the year is not 1787, it is 2002.

See what I mean when I say you Americans are spoiled? And it gets worse. Now the world is about to establish a kind of permanent Nuremberg tribunal in which some of the most loathsome regimes on the face of the Earth will sit in judgment on free nations. In short, an international kangaroo court to make past kangaroo courts look like the one that always meets on the first Monday of October. How would you like to see American officers and enlisted men dragged in front of, say, Syrian and Belgian judges for the crime of having fought in Afghanistan?

In fact, the new International Criminal Court is as valid as Joseph Stalin's show trials and Adolf Hitler's people's courts. And the EU is right in the middle of it. The Brussels bureaucrooks know an opportunity when they see one. They are proposing making racism and xenophobia a crime that would carry a prison term of two years or more. At the same time?just listen to this?the bureaucrooks are attempting to "harmonize" the laws of Brussels, which means if a fat Belgian judge gives me two years for calling a Frenchman a filthy frog, and I happen to be in Italy at the time, I can be arrested by the carabinieri and be doing two years rather than touring Capri on my yacht.

Given the fact that all these grotesque busybodies are socialists, it is not surprising that their aim is to control our hard-earned freedoms, and punish us for imaginary crimes such as calling a German a kraut and an Italian a wop. They are basically little Stalinists, control freaks who are first and foremost anti-American and anti-West and of course anticapitalist. Again, see what I mean about how you never had it so good as long as you stick to this side of the pond?

Which brings me to the problem of nationalism, one the Europeans are trying to do away with, but one we Americans must absolutely hold onto. Most Americans were surprised at the hate shown against Uncle Sam on Sept. 11. How could anyone hate us so much as to slaughter 3000 innocent people? Where was the peace on Earth we expected following the end of the Cold War?

Well, I got news for you. Militant Islam is on the march, and as long as we continue blindly to support Jewish extremists like Ariel Sharon, Islam will continue to wage war against us. Mind you, it would do it anyway, but Israel is the red cloth to their bull. Our leaders may pretend that Islam is a religion of peace, but the Koran has been preaching death to the infidels?and particularly the Christians?for more than 1300 years. Europe threw in the towel long ago and allowed almost unlimited immigration from Islamic countries. The term "racist" was the vehicle of demonization used by the bureaucrats against any protestors. Islamic aggression in Bosnia and Kosovo only saw appeasement by the criminally inept Madeleine Albright and Richard Holbrooke. Hadn't these clowns ever studied history? Weren't they aware that in Indonesia and the Philippines and many parts of sub-Saharan Africa Christians are being massacred on a daily basis?

As Thomas Fleming wrote, Muslims have been in a virtual state of jihad, while here in America we do our best to marginalize our religions and denigrate our own cultural traditions. School textbooks routinely praise the high culture of Islam, while condemning the savagery and violence of the West. While we open up our borders to our cultural and religious enemies, the multiculturalists bray for more and more anti-Western teachings, and woe to a politician who dares point out that the West is slowly but surely committing suicide. The thought police will be on him quicker than you can say Al Sharpton.

In his What's So Great About America, Dinesh D'Souza writes that after Sept. 11 American Muslims did not rally to the war on terrorism the way the Japanese Americans and German-Americans rallied to the flag during World War II. According to D'Souza, one in 10 Muslims is more loyal to Uncle Sam than to the Muslim nation of his birth.

What the hell is going on here? A Fifth Column is being introduced among us, and all our leaders can do is cry for more and more tolerance. Perhaps Lenin was right after all. We will sell them the rope they'll hang us with. The great swindle taking place is that under the guise of tolerance and multiculturalism immigrants are not joining the so-called melting pot, but are being indoctrinated into the multicultural "ideology of ethnic resentments and groups instead of American consciousness."

It is this kind of assimilation taught at American elite universities, hotbeds of anti-Americanism and anti-Western thought. Talk about corrupting our youth. Multicultural ideologists, who are the most powerful and dominant force in American high schools and universities, are busy denigrating Western culture. It's as if our young were preached to daily about the virtues of bushido while we were at war with the Japanese, or why National Socialism was a far cry better than our democratic system.

Pat Buchanan has it right. If we don't change our ways and chase those tenured radicals back to where they belong, we will experience the death of the West in our lifetime.

But Europe will of course fall first. See you around.


P.S.: I've gotten a few inquiries recently about FDNY firefighter Christian Regenhard's fate. Christian perished when the WTC towers collapsed. I have been in constant touch with his father and mother, and last week the Post ran a picture of his sister carrying a photo of Christian at the closing ceremony of Ground Zero. The Daily News also quoted his mother, Sally, saying that she didn't believe it was right to blame the Bush administration for the fate of those who died in the WTC massacre.

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