The building at 223 W. 28th St. is unremarkable. Located next to an open parking lot and across from a typically dreary FIT building, its exterior consists of a storage garage, a small door and a red awning that reads "Greenwich Village Plumber's Supply." Yet this building, like many in New York, has a well-kept secret. On select nights, if passersby lean past the red metal gate that blocks the front door, they will see a teal blue sign that looks as though it was made in a high school art class. It says one thing: Zeb's.

[]( almost three years, this unprepossessing block between Seventh and Eighth avenues has been home to one of the best underground jazz spots in New York. Situated above the plumber's supply store, Zeb's is both a recording studio and a jazz venue. And even though renowned jazz guitarist Saul "Zebulon" Rubin opened the space in May 2009, it remains inconspicuous, a New York haven that only the most dedicated music lovers know about.