Gamers To NY Assembly: Buzz Off

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The nation's video game community is up in arms over a [new bill] proposed in the Assembly and sponsored by Manhattan's Keith Wright (pictured) that would place a whole new set of restrictions on purchasing video games in the state.

Those restrictions would include blocking the sale of games that depict or glamorize the commission of a violent crime, suicide, sexual violence, violent racism, religious violence, illegal use of drugs and alcohol. In addition, the new bill would require that anyone under the age of 30 show ID when they purchase such games.

The gaming blog [The Last Boss] has expressed the outrage of a gaming nation over Wright's proposed tech nannyism. "I want someone to make an Uncle Sam game where you get to go from state to state and kill every single politician. At least then they would have something worth getting upset over, quit annoying us until the current generation of old people die out and a new generation that's actually played games replaces your lame legislation," they write.

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