Garbage Chute: Bad Guys' Premier Tool for Evil-Doing

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First, [a man threw his girlfriendís puppy down the garbage chute.] Now, [a 32-year-old Long Island father has been accused of dumping his 1-month-old daughter down a garbage chute in the Bronx after ]([beating and then strangling her]( The victimís mother, Maribel Caceres, 21, held the door to the chute open hile her boyfriend, Juan Rodriguez, threw Giovanna down. [Caceres has been charged with unlawful disposal of a body]( Police say that Rodriguez has confessed to the murder, which he apparently committed because Giovanna was crying. It seems she was killed in Hempstead and then brought to a Bronx building where Rodriguez has allegedly scored drugs in the past. Apparently, Rodriguez has 11 previous arrests in the past 15 years, mostly for drug possession or dealing. Mere hours after cops received the 911 call about the dead baby in the trash compactor, Rodriguez was found at his grandmother's apartment, claiming Giovanna had been kidnapped.

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