Gays Can't Marry, But They Can Fight Over Stuff In A Messy Divorce

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In an odd twist, a [New York City judge has ruled that the Massachusetts marriage of one man to another is void, but that their separation agreement is valid] under contract law, according to The Associated Press. The judge said New York state law does not give spousal rights to two unmarried people living together. Nevertheless, cohabitation doesn't stop them from making an agreement under the rules of contract law. The decision comes in response to the case of David Gonzalez and Steven Green, who married each other in Massachusetts back in 2005. Before that, they had been living together here in New York. In January of last year, Gonzalez took steps to file for a divorce, while Green sought to void the marriage and recover all the property he had given his spouse. The judge noted that they had signed an agreement giving Gonzalez a payment of $780,000 if they ended their relationship—kinda like a reverse pre nup. Green's lawyer says he'll appeal the judge’s decision.

Photo courtesy of [At~A~Glance on Flickr]

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