Get Drunk, Make Money

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Last New Year’s, t[he Marriot Marquis in Times Square kicked a guest out on his drunken arse] and is now paying the consequences—literally. A federal judge has ruled that Jeffrey Dagen, who had spent $4,000 on two rooms, can pursue a $750,000 lawsuit against the NYC hotel on the grounds that innkeepers are required to provide safe harbor for their guests. Apparently, they were aware that Dagen lived 165 miles away in Latham, NY, that he was a wee bit tipsy thanks to the alcohol they had served him and that he had only a slim chance of finding another bed for the night. Papers describing the incident, which took place on Dec. 31, 2005, explain that Dagen’s buddy’s date was found unconscious in the hotel hallway and police and paramedics were called.  It was surmised that that she had been in an altercation with Dagen’s friend. Then Dagen and the rest of his party were evicted without refund. On his way home, Dagen drove his car off the highway and hit a tree, breaking his leg and suffering chest injuries. So, if you’re drunk, disorderly and ready to pass out this New Year’s Eve, show up at any hotel and demand a room—they have to put you up. And if they don’t, all the better for you! Nothing like almost a million bucks to ring in the new year.

Photo courtesy of [Pingu1963 on Flickr]

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