Getting Felt up at 7-Eleven: Not So Fun

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So it’s OK when the cops do it under the ruse of keeping society safe and all that stuff, but not so much for civilians who can’t deliver that line as convincingly. I’m talking about frisking, of course. It seems [a “serial groper” has been caught on Long Island ][after his version of a 30-minute stop-and-search spree left five victims]. Seriously, not cool. On Saturday, Harvey Holmes, 42, made his way from a Hicksville Stop N Shop (where he accosted an 11-year-old girl) to a Target (where he tried to grab a 35-year-old woman through his car window—how very Bond of him) to the Broadway Mall parking lot (where he repeated his attempt on a 45-year-old woman—perhaps thinking she’d be less sprightly) and then to a Delco Plaza parking lot (this time his victim was 46—again, less sprightly). But he wasn’t done yet. Holmes wound up at a 7-Eleven where he reached over the counter to fondle a 19-year-old female clerk. Then, in a high-speed chase, Holmes was finally caught when, in true running-from-the-law style, he crashed his car.(

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