Giants Enjoy London Calling

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The Miami Dolphins may be the dumbest team ever. Earlier in the week, Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder confessed that [he didn’t know] what language they spoke in England. He definitely couldn’t find the country on a map. And he was sure they didn’t have any black people there, wherever it was. Clearly, he’s never heard of [Lennox Lewis](

The Dolphins also apparently forgot how to play football, despite the fact that it’s their profession. Miami (0-7) remained winless yesterday at Wembley Stadium in London, as the New York Giants [downed the Dolphins 13-10]. The Giants persevered a steady rainfall, a terribly tattered field, [a Jason Taylor 26-foot robot](, a rendition of “God Save the Queen” and general sluggishness to defeat the lowly Dolphins on Sunday, giving New York their sixth straight victory.

New York scored all 13 of their points in the first half, comprised of two Jay Feely field goals and an Eli Manning 10-yard touchdown scamper, and the defense didn’t allow a touchdown for the first 58 minutes of the game. But running back Brandon Jacobs was the real hero, racking up 131 yards on 23 carries on the rain-soaked, mud-ridden turf. The Giants have apparently forgotten how to lose, but New Yorkers won’t complain. After all, that’s better than the Dolphins, who probably forgot where their hotel was after the game.

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