God's SWAT Team

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"The high council of Gor is a council of spiritual warriors that are part of the Hierarchy of Light. They're spiritual beings. And that is the council that I am a Ritual Master on."

Talking here with Sondra Shaye, founder of Park Slope's Archangel Healing Light Center, where she offers a number of services and classes: DNA activation, astral travel, channeling, sacred divine geometry, ritual magic and more. Shaye's a slender, upbeat woman in jeans, heavy-soled black shoes and dark bobbed hair who's prone to giggle at her own assertions, as if she's aware of how they might sound to the skeptical. The effect is more of a bright-eyed class president than of a demon-fighter who occupies a position on a celestial council.

A former corporate lawyer and actress, Shaye is an Initiated Adept and Teacher in the Rocky Mountain Mystery School, which is based in an unspecified sacred location in the Utah portion of its namesake mountains, and is led by a gentleman named Gudni Gudnason, a Utah resident of Icelandic birth, about whom more in a bit. Our planet, Shaye explains, hosts seven mystery schools. But the RMMS, which Shaye discovered when she attended the New Life Expo at the New Yorker Hotel somewhat more than a year ago, is the only one that doesn't cultivate secrecy?that labors to disseminate its teachings to the masses in generous fashion.

"The other six schools are closed to the public," she says. "They're secret. You can hardly even find them. I mean, you could die getting to them. They're in the middle of a rainforest, or you have to pass over a huge abyss..."

As for the Rocky Mountain Mystery School: "Our system of knowledge comes in a direct lineage from King Solomon. He was an incredible metaphysician and magician in the highest sense, and he actually...gathered all of the highest healers and shamans and metaphysicians from all over the planet, and gathered all of the highest knowledge that existed. He went to ancient Egypt, he went to Tibet. He went to India. He gathered all the shamans from South America, which was a crazy thing to do back then."

Solomon's mysteries eventually passed, by oral transmission, to a certain American Indian chief, who gave them to Gudnason. "Finally, Gudni had all the knowledge," Shaye explains. "He and the Native American met one time, either in a park or a graveyard?I don't remember which. They hugged, and that was it. That was the transfer."

Gudnason, who is in his 40s, possesses intimidating spiritual energies. "He was born without any veils, which means he can see all the dimensions. He was born with a twin brother who died 30 minutes after birth?because the brother was so advanced that he only needed 30 minutes on the planet." But Gudnason stayed in contact with his dead sibling. "He grew up with his brother. And his brother brought him all of these ascending masters to teach him, his whole life." Gudnason also used to "sit with Merlin, in physical form, and Merlin would teach him all of these amazing metaphysical things."

When I stupidly referred to the Rocky Mountain Mystery School as a new-age phenomenon, Shaye gently corrected me. It's not new age. It's at least as old as Solomon?who, were he alive today, would be roughly 3000 years of age. Besides, as Shaye makes clear, "There's a lot of new-age stuff that has no accuracy. It may be helpful to people, and I guess that's why it's here, and that's wonderful, and I support that. But it doesn't mean that it's accurate, necessarily."

What, I wanted to know, is the story with DNA activation? Shaye explained that it's a sacred inheritance from the ancient Egyptian priest class.

"We all have 24 strands to our DNA structure. Those 24 strands are contained in 12 codons. Each codon has two strands. So we go in with a special instrument that has a very powerful crystal on the end of it, that can put a great deal of light into a small space. We go through the etheric body?we don't touch the physical body. It's behind the neck area. And we light up each of the codons... And it's just an incredible thing. At that point you get all of the benefits that are contained within your DNA, which is improved health. You use more of your brain, you actually become smarter, the chatter in your head goes away, the drama in your life disappears."

What about channeling?

Through channeling, Shaye said, "You can go to any dimension that you want. You can go to what's called the Akashic Records, which is a place in higher dimensions that contains the records of your whole life. And everybody's life?but you can't read anybody's records who's still alive, except your own. And then, combining that with astro travel, you can go to other parts of the physical world. You can go to other universes, you can go to other galaxies."

And the war? I was interested to know if the Hierarchy of Light could indicate how we were going to make it through this ordeal.

"There are many nonhuman beings on the planet right now, from the other dimensions and other galaxies, because of how important the planet Earth is, and how far into a state of crisis we have allowed ourselves to get. We have already avoided a lot of crises that would have happened because of the amount of lightwork that's being done on the planet."

Lightwork? I was struck by the image.

"Lightwork," Shaye repeated. "There is so much positive energy being poured onto this planet by people like me... There was enough of that lightwork being done that we have avoided a lot of catastrophes. Metatron predicted that there would be further attacks after the World Trade Center on cities all over this country, and that we were able to avoid because of all the positive energy that so many people poured onto the planet."

Metatron, for the record, is an archangel.

Thus, the spiritual warrior in New York City, at a time during which we could probably use as many of them as possible. Shaye says that Ritual Masters are "God's SWAT team"?quick-strike forces against the interdimensional demons that generate bad energy. She points out that "New York is built on limestone, which amplifies everything. That's why New York is what it is. All of the positive and all of the negative of everything that occurs in New York is amplified many times. That's why it's such an incredible vortex of power."

"I tried to leave New York," she says, "but apparently higher forces, higher beings, want me to work here. It's funny, because I was about to move to Northern California after the attack." But she was compelled to stay. "Because this is the place where I can do the most good right now. This is where I'm needed."

You can reach Sondra Shaye and the Archangel Healing Light Center at 718-398-7560.

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