Goldman Exec Puts His Talents to Good Use at Lifecare

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volunteer improves care at jewish home with a better computer system

by sara dover

working with jewish home lifecare was meant to be, so it seems, said west sider david orelowitz.

the vp of goldman sachs started volunteering at the not-for-profit elder care system by flipping burgers for a company-sponsored barbecue for lifecare a few years ago, but he became more committed when a friend bumped into him in the hallway and told him the institution was looking for someone with an it background to work on a electronic records project.

"it seemed the connection was really there with the jewish home, so it was an easy decision to make," said orelowitz, who has been helping upgrade their records system for three years. "it would have expanded my involvement. i wanted to have more involvement in a charity more than one day a year."

the south africa native volunteers on the jewish home's board, working with their it department and vendors to facilitate the project that is rolling out its first phase (patient info) this month. an electronic records system, orelowitz said, is more efficient, cost-cutting and, most importantly, will improve the care of the retirement home.

the jewish home is more than happy with having orelowitz on board and the project's progress.

"david's talent and expertise afforded our organization the ability to put a valuable system into operation," said thomas gilmartin, chief administrative officer. "throughout his leadership role and guidance on the project, david had one clear goal-to implement a system that benefits our community, our residents and their families."

when orelowitz moved to new york from south africa two decades ago, he said the west side felt "comfortable," likely because "it certainly had a jewish feel" and "it had a liberal sensibility."

therefore, it was natural for the technologist to find a way to get to know his community upon moving to his new neighborhood on 104th street with his family four years ago, and he signed up to barbecue at the jewish home soon afterward.

orelowitz took one year of medical school before switching to engineering, so he always had an interest in healthcare. but something that really hit home for orelowitz, and motivated him to volunteer for jewish home lifecare, was his grandparents.

"both of my elderly grandparents eventually landed in a home in south africa, a very nice home in south africa," he said. "i had not expected to find that sort of facility in new york, that took care of my grandparents in later years... when i found the jewish home, it surprised me in a very pleasant way."

jewish home lifecare's electronic records system is expected to be finalized in the next year and orelowitz said he is looking forward to seeing the project through.

"the quality of the people, the dedication of the people, the commitment is absolutely outstanding."

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