Grabby Assault

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Early last Thursday morning, a 24-year-old resident of the Upper East Side left the Killarney Rose bar on Pearl Street and headed to the uptown 4 subway station at Broadway and Wall Street. There, he later told police, a woman, about 30 years old, black with short curly hair and wearing a gray sweatsuit, approached him and solicited him for a date, saying "Don't you want to take me home?" When the man declined and tried to move away, the woman grabbed at his butt and then his crotch. The victim yelled and threw up his hands, at which point the woman told him to quiet down. The man moved to the end of the platform and boarded the train uptown, switched to the 6, and got off on East 23rd Street to get some pizza when he noticed that his wallet was missing. Before he could cancel his accounts, someone had made $53 in purchases on his Chase credit card, and also nabbed $40 in cash that was in the wallet.

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