Gross National Madonna
At one time, if you said people who care about Madonna don't care about music, you'd be a snob. But her new single "Music" proves it's now true. The word "music" becomes Madonna's euphemism for record industry capitalism. When she bleats the homiletic chorus, "Music makes the people come together," it's such a banal sentiment the only emotion you feel in it is her calculation that the platitude might still guarantee a hit. That reduction is the one thing in the song that's new. And sure enough, the media has fallen in line. VH1 and MTV hosted simultaneous broadcast premieres the afternoon of Aug. 2. (Spokesmodel-cheerleader Roshumba pumped up hollow effervescence, joined by in-house rock hacks Alan Light, Joe Levy, Danyel Smith?madhouse delegates announcing Spin, Rolling Stone and Time's Madonna support.)