Hillary Sucks Up the Media's Gushand Mush I've clearedall my bets, prematurely, from the Bill Clinton/MonicaLewinsky/impeachmentsaga. Which means I posted $400 to Jim Larkin in Phoenix; $1000to Alex Cockburn in Petrolia, CA; and divvied up smallerbundles among staffers at the office. It's lamentable, but certain, that Clintonwon't be driven from office before his term expires-although never say neverwith you know who-and now we're in a different election cycle. I've alreadywagered a dinner with my friend Virtual Murrell, now living outside DC:It's a slam dunk, as Bill Bradley partisans might say. Virtual's convincedthat George W. Bush will tap Orrin Hatch as his veep: I don'tknow what VM was smoking since that makes no sense, given that Hatch is fromreliably Republican Utah and isn't pro-choice, which is why Bush willselect Pennsylvania's Gov. Tom Ridge. Many readers have scoffedat this idea, and GOP activists are outraged, but once the general electionarrives, Bush will need a social moderate like Ridge to close the deal withall those female Clinton voters who should've known better when they voted forthe Lip-Biter in '92 and '96.
It was,as Chris Caldwell writes in "Hill of Beans" this week (page7), a "klutzy" week for the Texas Governor. Bush's last-minuteappearance at a convention for minority journalists in Seattle was thefirst example of Bush deviating from Karl Rove's brilliant, long-rangeplan to gain the Republican nomination and then the presidency.
Hillary Sucks Up The Media's GushAnd Mush He was invited,but it wasn't necessary to attend; not many other candidates did, and Bush hasenough juice at this point with minorities that his absence would've been aone-day story. Instead, he looked indecisive.
However,with President Clinton lapping the country on his belated poverty tour, whilehis wife commanded national media attention in New York, it was probablythe best week this summer for Bush to make such a goof. Now, I can ask whereNYC journalistic hack Randy Rothenberg has disappeared to andnobody would care; but where the heck was Al Gore this past week? I'msure he was on the hustings, but you'd have to read the papers very closely,which I do, to learn of his itinerary. He did tell the journalists in Seattlethat he never, ever wants to go back to recessionary times-deliveredwith that unctuous, prefab passion-but otherwise he was invisible, aside fromphoto-ops with his new grandson, conveniently born on July 4.