Heathers Bar Triumphs

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In an underdog victory Heathers Bar in the East Village did in fact get its approval for a renewed liquor license.

Last month we blogged about the possible closing of Heathers, saying that "based on the atmosphere at the Community Board hearing, Heathers [was] on its way out." It seems that we may have spoken too soon. Despite CB3's attempts to stop the bar's license renewal, the State Liquor Authority (SLA) approved Heathers' license renewal.

Amid protests of public urination and pot smoking it seemed sure that CB3 would force the doors shut at Heathers. However, neighbors are in an uproar after the CB3 decision was overturned by the SLA. The owner of Heathers, Heather Millstone, was also baffled by the decision, "Frankly I have no clue what happens at the SLA!" she said, "I'm just happy the Heathers will keep its doors open for the diverse group of people who really put it out there that it should stick around."

Millstone did not sit idly by as her bar faced expulsion from the neighborhood. She sent out a press release, pleading her case. In the release Millstone blamed the NYC smoking ban inside her bar for the noisy streets. According to Millstone, if the patrons cannot smoke inside, then they have to take their butt breaks outside, and that occasionally gets loud. She also stated that she had made several alterations to the bar in order to keep it quiet.

In nothing short of a PR miracle, Millstone has managed to save her bar and receive a renewed liquor license. It looks like the residents of the 13th St. block on Avenue A will just have to invest in a good set of ear plugs.

By McCamey Lynn

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