Holy Toledo, 'Lipstick Bandit' Strikes!

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It seems a manager at the city's Human Resources Administration was given the terribly unclever nickname of the "Lipstick Bandit" after subjecting the other women in the office to unwanted hugs, kisses and even a few spanks. According to the New York Post, Constance Trotman, Anitra Kincy and Clara Luz Badia—three clerical workers at the HRA's East 161st Street location in The Bronx—say they feared being fired if they reported their boss’s six month-long touchy-feely rampage. But the Daily News reports that the three victims claim superiors ignored their complaints about Serena Reaves-Cain until they filed a formal complaint in April 2006. Now, [a federal lawsuit] against the Lipstick Bandit herself seeks unspecified damages for the sexual harassment.

The workers' attorney, Ivan Smith, says an internal review concluded Reaves-Cain had "behaved inappropriately." He added that the women are still employed at the office but no longer work on the same floor as the Lipstick Bandit.

In March 2006, Reaves-Cain suggested the office workers make [a pin-up calendar] and auction it off as part of an employee fund-raiser. The ladies demurred. The Daily News reports that Reaves-Cain used horribly tired phrases like "come to Mama" with her coworkers and also made the inexplicable statement, "God don't like ugly, but he's not too fond of pretty, either."

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