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Inspired by her health-concious awakening as a new mom, actress Jessica Alba has added a new title to her resume: eco-entrepreneur Jessica Alba is one of Hollywood's most likeable ladies. In an industry where being young and gorgeous often goes hand-in-hand with superficiality and irresponsibility-Alba has opted for a cleaner and classier reality. The 31-year-old actress has made her mark as one of the entertainment industry's hottest stars with her rise to fame in the TV drama, Dark Angel, as well as major motion pictures like the Fantastic Four series and Sin City. More recently though, Alba has been stepping out of the sexy spotlight and into the family-friendly sphere with projects like Spy Kids 4, Little Fockers and the forthcoming animated comedy Escape from Planet Earth. (Article by Whitney Casser. Photos by Justin Coit.) As a working mother with a baby and a preschooler, Alba maintains her Hollywood appeal, but with decidedly less glitter and glam than most of her A-list cohorts. Instead, she spends her nights and weekends with Honor, Haven and her husband of four years, movie producer Cash Warren. And in her latest undertaking as Founder of [The Honest Company](https://www.honest.com/)-an eco-friendly diaper, skin, bath and household cleaning products provider-Alba seems to have found her next perfect role. "The inspiration [for The Honest Company] came out of being a mom and really just wanting this company to exist!" Alba says. When she was first pregnant with daughter Honor, who will be four next month, Alba read environmental health expert Christopher Gavigan's acclaimed [Healthy Child Healthy World](http://www.healthychild.org/book/). The book opened her eyes to the hazardous chemicals found in not only household cleaning supplies, food, fragrances and make-up-but also baby care products. Like any good mother, Alba took matters into her own hands by reading consumer reports and scouring the market for the best stuff available. But, like most parents, she found the process to be overwhelming and often confusing. "It has to be easier for parents," Alba insists. "[It's] so unfair that most of my family and friends can't go out and afford this stuff, and they want to have healthy children and a healthy life." So Alba made it her mission to team up with Gavigan and together they honed in on assembling a new eco-minded diaper and baby products sales model. Based on a personalized monthly subscription delivery service, The Honest Company took about three and a half years to bring to fruition, and it's been a true labor of love for Alba, Gavigan and the Honest team, which includes business partners Brian Lee (Founder of [ShoeDazzle.com](http://www.shoedazzle.com/)) and Sean Kane (an executive from [PriceGrabber.com](http://www.pricegrabber.com/)). And while she had some concerns about knowing whether or not other parents wanted the same things that she wanted, the public's initial response to Alba's flexible-meets-accessible company has been overwhelmingly positive. Consumers have even been asking for the option to buy items piece by piece, as opposed to following the company's customizable subscriptions. "They're asking us to make more stuff," Alba says. "[For example], there are no good eco bathroom cleaners [on the market]." To read the full article at New York Family [click here](http://www.newyorkfamily.com/newyork/article-1001-honest-alba.html).

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