Hot news! The Nation Magazine Launches a Sex Column

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The Nation magazine has just sent out a press release touting a "[new sex column]" to appear in the magazine beginning next month. The magazine is calling the column "Carnal Knowledge," an extremely witty spin on the title of the 1971 movie, "Carnal Knowledge." The column will be written by JoAnn Wypijewski (pictured left), whose sex column credentials include years of freelancing for Mother Jones, Legal Affairs and New Labor Forum.

"The path [Wypijewski] sets here will hardly be straight or narrow, but rather full of zigs and zags and surprises," says The Nation's editor and publisher, Katrina vanden Heuvel, "like politics, like sex, like life." And, of course, like The Nation, a magazine long noted for its erotic coverage of issues like immigration, labor relations and bloated defense contracts.

In her first column, Wypijewski explores the sexual appeal of Barack and Michelle Obama. "In politics as in pop, legions of little girls jumping out of their panties can't be wrong," she writes, according to The Nation's news release. However, the news release fails to make clear what the hell Wypijewski is talking about.

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