How Do You Get To Pyongyang? Practice, Practice, Practice

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Apparently, Kim Jong Il is a classical music lover as well as a [despot]. Either that or he felt left out when the [NY Philharmonic]( played Rachmaninoff and Beethoven in the South last year.North Korea’s usually [Blublocker](’* leader recently sent the United States’ [oldest symphony orchestra]( an open invitation to play the [DPK](

The Great Leader has a penchant for private engagements that have been said to include an imported [pizza chef from Italy, a sushi chef on loan] from Japan, and other luxuries like his [10,000-bottle wine cellar]( Then, of course, there's the “Mansions Special Volunteer Corps,” a [harem]( large enough to overtake [Barker’s Beauties]( So if America signs off on the gig, it will probably be for Kim and pals only.

Eric Latzky, a spokesperson for the New York Philharmonic, said the 106-person orchestra will not accept the surprise invite without [Uncle Sam’s blessing]. For some reason, we don't expect that to be happening any time soon.

*The sunglasses Mr. Kim favors look custom-made and actually resemble [Ambervision] shades more than Blublockers. But “Blublocker-rockin’" definitely sounds better than “Ambervision-rockin’.”

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