I was sittingat the counter at Des Moines Cafe reading, as I always do, the sports sectionof the New York Post. I was then joined by my new lovely friend, B, whois an accomplished and highly successful movie director-she has a Hollywoodhit under her belt. But despite her success, she's not at all pretentious ina Tinseltown way. She still dresses like a real East Village girl, albeit anEast Village girl of the 80s. This particular morning, she was in overalls anda v-neck t-shirt and I could see a good deal of her generous, dark and intoxicatingcleavage. I stared into that shadowy place and I wanted to put my nose downit and inhale. B ignored my intrusive and infantile stare, ordered a coffeeand then grabbed my Post and began reading the gossip pages.
She sawsomething about Kevin Spacey and said, "I just saw Kevin Spacey on CharlieRose. He said he wants children."