In An Old Vs. New York Minute

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Please, sir, may we have some more? Apparently not. First blood, now chow. [The Food Bank for New York City] is claiming the [worst hunger shortage in 20 years]( Where there should be seven to eight million pounds of food, there’s less than three million. The Food Bank is asking for your help. But not to worry, you won’t have to actually help—as in mingle with the city’s poorer folk—just shop. Buy 'Go Orange' bags and pins at Grand Central terminal Oct. 15-19 and proceeds will go to the Food Bank. The city is urging its colleges and universities to take [advantage of underdeveloped neighborhoods]( like Long Island City, Governors Island, the South Bronx and downtown Brooklyn for future expansion purposes. Out in the boonies, academic buildings and residence halls would be shared—with Columbia University students and CUNY folk actually passing each other in the same hallowed halls! Of course, such egalitarianism doesn’t occur organically; that’s why the Bloomberg administration has created (what else?) a task force. It seems not one, not two, but seven suspected drug dealers have been charged with selling crack in housing projects just a [few blocks away from Mayor Bloomberg’s official residence](, Gracie Mansion. And what’s worse? These thugs are shooting each other in the same general vicinity! On Sept. 10 an eighth suspect was charged with shooting his fellow, we mean rival, alleged dealer. Luckily, Bloomy doesn’t really live at Gracie Mansion, it’s just where he throws all his wild and crazy house parties. First we told you how our [local gay population is stuck]( in the ’80s along with a fickle friend, AIDS. Now we learn that the Gowanus Canal is not just toxic, it has a [nasty case of gonorrhea]( That’s pretty much all there is to say about that.
photo courtesy of [Triborough on Flickr](

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