Independence Day, The Canadian Way

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What’s the best way to celebrate America’s birthday? Canadian music and pornography, of course. Well, not exactly. But several thousand people did brave heavy rains and even heavier winds yesterday to commemorate our nation’s Independence Day with the Land of Maple Syrup’s most beloved indie-rock act, [The New Pornographers], at Battery Park. It seems not even the most dismal weather conditions could dampen the vibrant, sanguine power-pop of the Canuck supergroup. [A.C. Newman](, [Neko Case]( and the rest of the gang played an electrifying 100-minute set comprised of a medley of songs from their three previous albums, as well as eight tracks from their upcoming fourth release, [Challengers]( In between, they mocked America’s most sacred icons, like the Statue of Liberty and the Bald Eagle. Stupid Canadians. Outside of their insensitive jokes, however, the septet from Vancouver ([Dan Bejar was absent]( shined. They played all their crowd-pleasing hits like “Sing Me Spanish Techno,” “Use It,” “The Bleeding Heart Show” and “Mass Romantic,” and ended their final encore with the adored “The Slow Descent into Alcoholism.” They did refrain from playing “Center for Holy Wars,” however, because I’m told there’s some kind of [conflict]( going on in the Middle East right now…

Photo courtesy of [scragz on Flickr]

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