It's Cold...and Getting Colder

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If you were thinking of doing something productive on Saturday morning, now's the time to rethink your plans, curl up with a few blankets, and sip a cup of cocoa. The [Weather Channel] has announced a cold front moving through the Northeast tonight, with potentially lower temperatures Saturday morning than we've seen since April. Upstate New York is expected to see temperatures in the 20s, while the city will have lows in the upper 30s. The I-95 route between Boston and New York may frost over, and the Weather Channel recommends you take any sensitive plants inside. For those of you wondering why the city went from summer to winter and skipped fall, so are we. Don't worry though, the cold air is supposed to dissipate Saturday afternoon, and Sunday is expected to be a summery 70 degrees. At the very least, we seem to be in for another erratic season.

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