Jailbird's Last Attempt to Make Baby

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[Ronell Wilson, who’s facing the death penalty for the murder of two undercover NYPD detectives, wants to impregnate a woman] before the “pigz try to take my life,” according to the Daily News. Wilson revealed his “shocking plan” (as their reporter puts it) in a letter he wrote to Shabucalik Geralds, another inmate at the Metropolitan Detention Center in late 2004. The letter was put into evidence yesterday at the penalty phase of the trial where the jury will decide whether Wilson should die by lethal injection or get life in prison for killing Detectives James Nemorin and Rodney Andrews. The letter explained that if some chick would have his baby, Wilson’s family would take custody so that she didn’t have to be burdened. Aw, a desperate attempt to leave his legacy before Wilson leaves this world. The Daily News article read: “It is unclear how Wilson planned to impregnate the woman referred to as Shorty [in the letter], but he mentions he will add her to his visitors list …” Well, Mr. Wilson, you might want to consider somehow entering into the holy institution of marriage, so you can get yourself some sweet conjugal visits and make some poor girl preggers.

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